5 digital marketing mistakes to avoid

5 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2021 and Beyond

5 digital marketing mistakes to avoid

5 Marketing mistakes to avoid for business growth. Effective marketing has always been the secret sauce for business growth. But it would be somewhat wrong to call it a "secret" sauce because the world knows how important marketing is.

The ultimate aim of marketing is to sell. Whether it's value-based marketing where you intend to provide value at the top of the sales funnel, or it's any other tactic, ultimately you are doing it all to sell. With that said, I would also like to clarify that- trying to sell to everyone and at every time is not the key to effective marketing. In today's era, selling in disguise is the key.

Don't directly market your product or service to everyone and any time. You might want to consider at what stage of the buying cycle people are and target them accordingly. Let's start with 5 marketing mistakes to avoid in 2021 and beyond.

Marketing Mistakes to Avoid- Stop Copying others

It's easy to copy others. Copying each other is what most businesses do when they have to finalize a pricing plan for their products or services. But it's one of the marketing mistakes to avoid.

You shall be charging according to the value you provide to your consumers. Your competitors might be charging low because they are not confident about the value they provide to their clients or customers. Or some of them might be charging high because they are sure that their product or service is worth it.

So it's all up to you. What do you think your hard work is worth? What value your product or service can deliver?

My formula is -- always charge more than the typical market rates. Why? Because ordinary cost means ordinary profits. You are in business to make profits, so demanding handsome money makes sense. Focus on making your product or service better if you think it's not worth the high price you wish to charge. It's always more rewarding to level up your offerings than simply lowering down the profits.

You will be surprised to know that a good chunk of marketers believes that going expensive is a smart marketing tactic. And there is some psychology behind it.

When you charge a high ticket for your products or services, your prospects perceive your product or service to be more valued.

  • They feel a kind of accomplishment in using your product or being able to afford your service.
  • They feel confident that your product or service will work. It might be because of the belief - you get what you pay for (makes sense?).
  • People like to brag about their high-end purchases, so it also fuels your word of mouth marketing.

All these sums up into marketers going with charging high than charging low. But if you ask me- I will tell you to demand higher than the average rates without being too expensive. Being too expensive can narrow your target market if you are operating in a developing or under-developed country.

Don't Narrow Down- Broader Market Technique

Not everybody in your target market will indeed be your customer. Some will come to you, some will go to the competition, while others would never truly feel a need for your product or service.

You need to know that you already have only some people in your target market who could be your customers. Still, what people do is further narrowing down and only targeting active buyers. It is one of the marketing mistakes.

In any market, there are only 2-3% of people who are ready to buy. Only this 2-3% of people are eagerly looking for a shop now button to click or a contract to sign.

Out of the remaining 97%, roughly 20-40% are in the consideration stage or looking for more information to strengthen their buying appetite. The remaining percent of people are not problem aware, meaning they don't feel or know the need for your product or service.

While appealing to those 2-3% of people might look like the easiest way to get quick sales, it is simply not the case. Everyone is bidding on that 2-3% of active buyers, so it's competitive. Moreover, putting all your resources and money in marketing to just 2-3% of the target market is foolish.

Out of the remaining 97%, a large share of people could turn into paying customers if you have the right sales funnel and strategy in place.

It's always a smart decision to target people at all stages of the buying cycle, and not only focus on 2-3% active buyers. But potential buyers should be marketed according to their current position in the buying cycle.

A person who doesn't feel a need for your product or service would never buy from you. Unfortunately, a significant share of potential buyers in your target market fall in this category (not problem aware).

To target such an audience, you should make them realize the need for your service. There are multiple ways to do it, so you need to get your creative juices flowing and decide accordingly.

We market to such "not problem aware" audiences using multiple tactics. We use guides, ebooks, videos, and similar stuff to make people realize that digital marketing in 2021 is not an option but a stipulation for business growth. By doing this, we make these "not problem aware" prospects enter our funnel and move them to the consideration stage of the buying cycle.

It's powerful. Here is simple math to explain that- suppose you have a thousand people in your target market. If you market to only the 2-3% of active buyers in your target market, you will have only 30 people to target. Out of those 30 people, only 3-5 will convert into your leads (such a warm audience typically converts at 10-12%). Now out of these 3-5 people, only some will convert into your customers.

By not focussing on everybody in your target market, you are leaving money on the table. Let's see what happens when you take the road less taken. Now, if you target the remaining 97% of people in your target market, your customer base widens. You have 970 people to advertise to, but the catch is-- such an audience rarely converts if you directly send them a sales pitch.

But you could use value-based marketing to convert them into leads. You could give away an ebook in exchange for their contact information. Or you could invite them to attend a free webinar that educates them. Such an offer typically converts people at 25% audience to lead conversion rates. So now you have 242 leads. Out of these 242 leads, you can easily convert at least 10-20 people with a proper funnel in place. Did you notice how your sales just tripled? That is the power of broader market formula and digital marketing.

Not Knowing The Market

Not knowing your target market is among the most common marketing mistakes I see most newbies making. Before you create a marketing strategy, you should be clear on who is your target market. Market research is the only important thing that will determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Know your prospects so well that you can speak to them like their parents. Know their desires, fears, habits, hobbies, and whatever you could learn about them. When you know their desires and fears, you can address them in your marketing messages and make them act. On the other side, if you don't know your target, you will struggle to speak to them in their tone and address their hair-on-fire problems, fears, and desires.

After identifying your target prospects and knowing them intimately, now you would want to segment them so that you can personalize your marketing messages.

Put Ahead An Irresistible Offer

Nobody can pass on an irresistible offer. If you want to convert more, you would like to create more irresistible offers than ordinary offers. Buyers in 2021 are more skeptical than ever. Skepticism and competition are always pulling back buyers from making the purchase, they are continuously looking for a better deal. The solution is putting ahead an offer they can't afford to avoid. As easy as that.

From your top of the sales funnel offer to offer in your final sales pitch, everything should be irresistible. It is hard but not impossible. Giving ordinary or no offers is one of the marketing mistakes you should be avoiding.

Plan And Measure Your Marketing Efforts

Before you begin giving newspaper ads and printing posters, you should know if they are of any use. Many marketing channels you choose may not be the right channel to reach your target audience. Be clear on what platforms your target audience uses and market them accordingly.

Plan a proper marketing strategy to decide what platforms to use and how? To maximize your efforts, use value-based marketing and integrated marketing channels.

Once you start with marketing, measure everything. From how many people saw your ad to how many of them showed interest, measure everything. Now, unfortunately, traditional marketing does not give you a chance to measure and optimize. That's where digital marketing comes in as a pioneer.

With digital marketing, you can measure your marketing efforts, track your results and optimize your marketing elements. All these advantages of digital marketing help you make better-informed marketing decisions and get a good return on your marketing spends.

Final Words on Marketing Mistakes

When used smartly, marketing can scale your business and grow your revenue in no time. But like everything in life, it is easier said than done. Most people either don't feel a need for digital marketing or are skeptical about its effectiveness, and this mistake costs them a lot (in terms of business growth and revenue).

Any business looking to grow its revenue should use digital marketing. Digital marketing can supply you with more leads than you can handle. All you need is effective planning and execution. We at donedigital are always eager to help you shape your marketing strategy and grow your revenue multi-folds.

I hope these tips on 5 marketing mistakes to avoid helps you. These tips are evergreen and can be applied to any business or industry.

Thanks for reading.

How much web design cost, the cost of web design

Web Design Cost- How Much Should You Spend On A Website?

We are living in the age of the Internet, and almost everyone is online today including your clients and customers. You might also be wanting to go online and utilize digital marketing for business growth. The first thing that comes to people’s minds who wish to take their business online is getting a website, which is a good idea. But you must be wondering how much does web design cost?

Before you start your search for a web designer or agency, you should read this useful information. Here is some cool advice for anyone who is looking to get started with digital marketing and might be wondering how much web design costs?


1. Web Design Cost- It doesn’t need to burn a hole in your pocket

A website alone is nothing. If no one visits your website, it’s of no use. Getting a website is just the start, you need to employ digital marketing if you want people to visit your website and buy your stuff. Therefore, spending all your money on a website is not a good idea. You need to have some money left over for marketing.

Still, I see many people committing the same mistake. They hire expensive agencies to design their website and they pay thousands of dollars just for the website. Having a well designed and well-converting website is crucial to online success. But what if I told you that you could get a well-converting, and well-designed website without spending tens of thousands of dollars?

Yes, it is possible. All you need to do is stop contacting those expensive agencies and start working with individuals or Indian agencies. While web development is hard to earn and a valuable skill, but there is no shortage of skilled web developers in south Asian countries.

There is so much competition among those agencies and web developers that some of those professionals would not even mind developing an app for you under a thousand dollars. And if you need a website, having a thousand dollars in your pocket is more than enough.


The Solution

If you are smart and can do a bit of negotiation with multiple contractors, then getting a great website at a great price won’t be hard for you. Still, some people don’t like working with people who charge low prices. So if you are not eager to work with some freelancer or Indian contractor, you should be clear on your requirements.

Be clear on what specific features you definitely need and what features might not be so important.

Another thing to consider is what type of website are you getting? Is it a simple portfolio website? Or would it be like a digital brochure of your business? In such cases, spending tens of thousands of dollars is foolish.

If your website will not be the place where your conversions occur, you need not spend too much on it. Another reason to avoid spending too much on static sites is because of WordPress. Content Management systems like WordPress enable you to build and deploy a static website in minutes. Just do some research and choose the theme that fits your needs and install it, as easy as that.

Such online software like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are free to use and can be easily installed on your web hosting. Even if you wish to make some premium purchases on these platforms, it won’t cost you much.


2. Spend on marketing

I convinced you to spend less on development so that you can spend more on marketing. After all, marketing will be the secret sauce that will turn your website into a delicious lead magnet. You should spend at least ten times more on marketing than what you spent on a website.
Though investing in a good website is also an investment in marketing, but it’s like laying the foundation. No doubt that the foundation should be strong, but if you put all your money into the foundation, you will have no money to build the house on it. So being wary about web design cost is necessary.
The more you spend on marketing, the more traffic you will get, and ultimately, the more leads you will generate. However, putting money in marketing blindly is a deadly mistake -- you should be putting money into marketing that drives results. The good thing with digital marketing is you can measure it. When using digital marketing, you can refer to numbers and know what’s working and what’s not. You could measure everything by numbers.
CIPET IPT Jaipur is an example, this government institute approached us for marketing. Their site was poor and lacked most of the functionalities they needed.
When they came to us, we could've simply told them that their site needed a redesign and we could have asked for a thousand dollars for it. But what we did is we decided not to invest in design and rather invest in marketing the institute.
With Facebook lead forms and google click to call ads, we helped the institute achieve a phenomenal 500X ROI.
And the fact is-- their website is still a mess.

3. Focus on SEO

Getting a website and investing in marketing is all good but what about SEO? SEO, aka search engine optimization, is free to implement marketing technique.
SEO has the power to scale your business like nothing else. It is the practice of ranking websites for certain phrases on search engines.
Doing SEO does not require money, all it needs is expertise and some time. Lots of people are searching for information related to your business. With SEO you can make those searchers find your business.
Nothing should stop you from doing SEO on your website. If you think knowledge is an issue then you will be surprised to know that SEO is free to learn (thanks to amazing blogs and free resources out there on the internet).
If time is an issue for you then we will be more than happy to help you with SEO.

Final Words On Web Design Cost

I hope these pieces of advice will help you enter the digital space without getting robbed. Digital Marketing is an absolute marvel of the Internet. Not using digital marketing will make your business die slowly.

If you need any sort of advice on digital marketing or you wish to get a free digital marketing strategy curated for your business, then feel free to contact us.


Fb ads cipet case study

How Our Facebook Ads Strategy Helped A Government University Get More Admissions - Case Study

About The Client- CIPET IPT, Jaipur

CIPET (Central Institute of Petrochemicals Engineering and Technology ) is a premier government institute. Established in 1968 by the Government of India and UNDP (united nations development program) at Chennai, the Institute aims to provide quality higher education in polymer sciences and technology.

With time, CIPET opened its sub institutions across the country for providing UG, PG, and Diploma programs in specific fields of study. CIPET CSTS and CIPET IPT are two organizations operating under the hood of CIPET.

CIPET IPT client logo

CIPET IPT(Institute of plastic technology) has eight branches across India in cities like Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, etc.

CIPET IPT Jaipur is a technical institute located in the vibrant city of Jaipur. The Institute offers courses like B-tech in Plastic technology and B-tech in mechanical engineering. The Institute is affiliated with Rajasthan technical university.


The Challenge

Colleges and universities affiliated with Rajsthan technical university often face problems in filling up available seats. Every year many colleges under RTU struggles to get admissions. In 2018, colleges under RTU were able to fill only 32% of the seats available (source: timesofindia.indiatimes.com).

This year was no different, CIPET IPT was facing problems in filling up the available seats, and the pandemic came up to put more hurdles in the path. The Institute reached out to us for help with only two weeks remaining from the last application filling date. Another barrier was the budget available for marketing.

We being the most renowned digital marketing agency in Jaipur took the responsibility to help this prestigious government institute get more admissions in just two weeks. With only two weeks in hand, we started the campaign and delivered reliable results to the institution.


Our Approach

After going through the university details and student personas, we got the information that students from certain states like UP and Bihar are most likely to take admission to the university.

We figured out Facebook ads to be the ideal platform to market the courses offered by CIPET IPT Jaipur.

But we had very little time to do all the testing and optimizations. The ad that seems to be the most underperforming on the first day could be doing the best performer on the 4th day. We decided to launch five campaigns and test them against each other.

We planned to spot two of the best-performing campaigns and scale them without making four different campaigns.

After playing with data for hours and extracting useful information about the industry’s best-performing ads, we finally launched the campaigns. With powerful ad sets targetting and appealing ads, all 5 of our campaigns were able to beat industry averages in every aspect.

The result

DoneDigital was able to deliver solid results to CIPET IPT Jaipur with Facebook ads. Over 35 student leads and student application forms were given to the Institute, we did reasonably well when comparing our performance to industry averages.

The application forms were actual long forms filled by students keen on taking admission into the Institute. With ads leading to some brand awareness and students applying after checking more information about the Institute, the number is likely to be more.

We managed to achieve the highest CTR of 1.49%, where the industry average CTR is just 0.73%. Not only one, but all of the campaigns were also able to beat industry averages. Our Average CTR was 0.88%.

CTR CIPET case study fb ads

We were spending as little as 1.82 Rs per link click or action on the CPC aspect, where the average advertiser in the education niche pays 2-4 Rs per click or action. The industry average cost per result is 60 Rs, whereas our average cost per result was 22 Rs.

The ROI could be calculated taking into consideration that each student is valued to be worth at least 200,000 INR and only 280 INR was spent on acquiring one student (approx 24,000% ROI).

We are happy to help a prestigious government institute get more admissions in these hard pandemic times.

Everything we do, we do it with a plan backed by data; this is why we never fail to deliver digital marketing results.  Interested in working with us? Contact us today!

7 business lessons for entrepreneurs

7 Business Lessons For The Entrepreneur In You!

Starting up a business is not an easy task, and we all know it. Coming up with new ideas is easy but turning the ideas into reality, formulating a plan, and executing things in the right way is where most people fail. Get some business lessons for entrepreneurs to make sure you don't join the list of failed businesses.

7 business lessons for entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs make a big mistake of not planning things, which then turns out to be a roadblock in their success. Others don't pay attention to the capital requirements of the venture, and therefore they have to stop halfway as a consequence of going broke.

Even though you plan things smartly and you think you have the capital required to keep pushing, still there is always a risk of failure associated with entrepreneurship. For example, everything was going normal for businesses across the globe, and then suddenly, without any notice, this Corona pandemic came.

And you know the aftermath, tons of businesses have shut down, and millions of people lost their jobs. The bottom line is that if you are curious about starting up your own business or working on a new project, you should be wary about the risks associated with it.

Only 30% of businesses that start can sustain for more than ten years. Over 50% of the companies fail either in the first years of creating or go bankrupt within the next four years. Well, the motive of this article on business lessons for entrepreneurs is not to discourage but to inspire you. Here is some great business advice for you.


Have Patience

Seasoned entrepreneurs already know the importance of having patience in business. This business lessons for entrepreneurs is for the newbies. Having patience is the key to a successful business. There will be some months when you will get nearly no sales and right on the next month that follows, and you might get tons of sales. Leads take time in nurturing; trust takes time in the building; businesses take time to be successful. Have patience; patience is the key.

If you think there is a real demand for your product and you are marketing it well, have no worries then, sooner or later people will come to you to become your clients and customers. Serve your existing clients or customers well, earn their trust, learn the way of selling and business success will knock on your doors soon.


Build your brand with branding and marketing

Yes, we run a digital marketing agency, and we help businesses with their branding and marketing efforts, but I am not writing this for the sake of selling you our services.

Branding has become a necessity in today's world. Everyone wants to become an entrepreneur, and everyone looks at the 9-5 job as some bad experience to have(though it's a rubbish narrative, having a 9-5 job comes with its perks and securities and you can't deny it).

If you want your company to stand out in the competition, you need to ensure it looks unique. Branding is a way to do so. Marketing is yet another thing to plan. And you know when we say marketing in 2021, it goes without saying we are talking about digital marketing. Conventional marketing is almost dead, and everyone knows the power of Internet marketing.

Get your business online, build your brand online with social media and other digital marketing platforms, and scale it. No matter how good your product is, it will never sell if people don't know about it, so never ignore marketing.

Invest in a team

It is the type of business lessons for entrepreneurs that people often encounter. And indeed, it is of great value. No matter how intelligent are you, or how much learned you think you have become over time, do you think you will be able to compete with companies that have hundreds of people on their team? Will you be able to do everything alone? I don't think so and nor should you.

Start creating a team from day 1. You don't need a couple of hundreds of people most probably to start; all you need is a bunch of passionate, honest, and skilled people. Get them on your team and see your business growing.


Don't work with the wrong people.

You won't find this advice getting distributed often. But it should be. When most entrepreneurs start, they are hungry for clients and customers, and eventually, they end up working with clients that either misuse them or are not good enough for the company.

Some clients pay low, and some don't respect your work. Such clients will put unexceptional demands and ask you to meet them. And if you can't do so, they will damage your brand reputation.

It would be best if you were careful before you choose to work with someone. It's your business; you have all the right to decide with whom you should be working. Don't end up getting trapped in long contracts that you can't fulfill. Don't show dreams to clients that can't turn into reality. Be honest with the clients and yourself. Work with fewer but quality people.

This advice was more for B2b businesses; however, it might also apply to B2C in some cases. Does not matter if you are a B2B business or B2C, this business lesson for entrepreneurs is important.

Manage skillfully

Managing is not only what managers do. CEOs should also know the art of management. Whether it's managing your team, the clients, or the work environment, you should be adept at keeping things work smoothly.

Keep good communication with your team and lead them (don't dominate them). Motivate the team to contribute to business growth by asking to share their ideas and strategy. Your employees are your assets, keep them happy.


Not everything is going to work. Don't lose hope.

The one client that you hoped to serve longer may break the contract just within a span of weeks. The strategies that you planned may turn out to be useless when implemented. Never demotivate or degrade yourself, it's not you, it's how it works. None is perfect.

The one business investment that you made might get your money wasted. Failure will be there to hinder your progress at every step. As a business owner, you should learn to cop-up with them and keep moving forward. Never stress about something that can't be changed or has already happened.


Learn, Analyze and Improve

Never stop learning; we are living in a world that is changing at a fast pace. You might know your industry well but always keep yourself updated on the latest news and technologies shaping your industry.

Analyze things practically and put your emotions aside. Sometimes you might feel like- why this plan is not working, it's my beautiful brain's creation, but you need to stop and be practical. If it's not working, then don't try hard to make it work. Leave it and formulate better plans and systems. Always and analyze and improve, use data for analysis and group intelligence for improvement.


Business lessons for entrepreneurs- Final words

Starting up and running a successful business is not everyone's cup of tea. It's a journey full of huddles; there will be pleasant and enjoyable moments too, have patience. We wish you all the luck with your business. And please don't forget the power of branding and marketing. If you need any help with it, we at DoneDigital are always there to assist you.

Thanks for reading.


top digital marketing company

The Role of Digital Marketing in Business Growth

top digital marketing company

Digital Marketing, over the years, has gained massive popularity. The role of digital marketing in business growth is crucial in 2021.

It has become a buzzword among job seekers and businesses. Job seekers are looking at digital marketing in hopes of getting well-paying jobs. And for companies, digital marketing means more leads, sales, and customers.

Ignoring digital marketing in 2021 is like ignoring business growth. Digital Marketing allows businesses to spend less and still get more leads and customers.

Traditional advertising is often more expensive. And audience targeting does not exist in the world of conventional advertising. Collecting audience feedback is even more challenging in conventional advertising.

Comparing digital marketing with offline advertising does not make sense, at least not in 2021. Everyone knows digital marketing will come out as a winner of the comparison. Digital Marketing has countless advantages over offline marketing.

While most businesses are already exploiting digital marketing for business growth, some companies and individuals are skeptical about digital marketing powers. If you are one of them, you should keep reading.

In this post, I will tell you about the role of digital marketing in business growth. Or simply put, why you should start using digital marketing today.

Why Online Marketing?

As said earlier, digitally marketing your business comes with lots of advantages. In a nutshell, digital marketing can supply a company with more brand awareness, leads, and ultimately sales.

Let's look at some intriguing statistics that will help you comprehend the need for digital marketing.

Researchers say marketing leaders will spend 75% of their marketing budget solely on digital marketing by 2021.

We are already spending a lot on digital marketing.

Approx $350 billion is spent each year on online marketing.

And this money spent on digital marketing is not getting wasted. The evidence is increasing the popularity of digital marketing.

With more than half of the world's population using the Internet (approx 4.338 billion), online marketing is a perfect strategy to reach millions or even billions of potential customers.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has led to a boost in e-commerce by 25-35%.

It is not a temporary surge in sales but a permanent indication of online selling's promising future. Down are some major role of digital marketing in business growth.

Digital Marketing builds brand awareness

The ultimate aim of marketing is to get more sales and customers. But for this, the first step is reaching out to your potential customers and making people know your business exists.

Digital Marketing is a very effective way of building brand awareness. Given that billions of people use the Internet, making people know about your brand has never been easier.

When you use traditional or offline advertising, your reach is limited. There is only a certain number of people you could reach.

It is the case even with Television ads but not with digital marketing. With digital marketing, you can reach millions of your potential customers no matter where they reside.

For businesses that could sell to international clients, digital marketing is the perfect strategy to acquire new global clients.


Digital Marketing helps small businesses compete with big brands

Gone are the days when big companies with large budgets ruled the market, and all the fat clients and customers. It is the new age of marketing, where even small businesses can win big clients and customers. And Digital marketing is the key to doing so.

Unlike earlier, you do not need millions of dollars to reach millions of people. All you need is an ROI focussed and highly targeted digital marketing strategy.

I have seen it many times- small sites outranking large corporations on the Google search results and consequently driving a lot of sales. Here at DoneDigital, we have helped dozens of clients outrank big corporations on SERP.

Digital marketing builds trust

Searching for businesses online is a common thing these days.

Many people tend to look at a company as inferior if they do not have a web and social media presence. It was not always the same. But today, having a substantial web presence strengthens your brand's perceived value and loyalty.

The better your brand looks on the Internet, the more customers it will attract.

With digital marketing, it's so much easier to share client testimonials, case studies, and other things to boost your product. This way, digital marketing helps you build trust in the eyes of your potential customers. Traditional marketing is not as effective when it comes to selling trust.

Digital Marketing eliminates wasted exposure and increases ROI

Suppose you wish to advertise your new restaurant. When using traditional or offline advertising, you will be using pamphlets. (Using TV ads for local and small businesses is not the best strategy.)

Printing those pamphlets, distributing those pamphlets, and then measuring the ROI is a severe headache. And if you are a small business owner, you can't afford to invest so much when you are not sure if it will work.

Digital marketing comes to your rescue, and now you could reach your target audience in your budget. And you will be sure it's going to work because there is no wasted exposure; only the people interested in your business will see your ad.

This way, digital marketing enhances your business ROI. Digital marketing lets you use videos, blogs, images for marketing effectively. And ultimately, making customers interested in your business gets easier (more conversions = more ROI).


Digital Marketing lets you be analytical and make better decisions

Many times, you need to make tough marketing decisions such as-
Is my marketing efforts driving my results?
Am I spending too much on a single sale and losing my profit margin?
How many people are seeing my ad, and is it optimized for conversions?
How can I receive feedback from my potential customers and make my product better?
Am I trying to sell a product that has no demand?

When using traditional advertising, getting answers to these critical questions is more challenging than climbing Everest. Even if you somehow get some of the answers, they will be somewhat inaccurate.

How would you measure how many people are seeing your pamphlets or listening to your radio ad?

How would you know if the leads you are getting are a result of the radio ad or the leaflets you distributed last week? You can ask the leads where they get the information from about your business, but it is some hard work. Also, it does not always look nice to question potential customers (when talking to leads for the first time, it is best to talk about the lead's interest, not the business).

How will you get feedback if your pamphlet or billboard is good enough to catch eyeballs? You know what, offline advertising makes it so tough to get feedback from the audience.

Digital marketing has accurate answers to all of these questions. With digital marketing, you can be sure of which marketing platform drives you the most sales. You would know for sure what platform is turning out to be a waste of money and time.

You will be able to track your return on ad spend or the return on total marketing budget, What are the conversion rates of your and How many people are seeing it and not taking action.

The role of digital marketing is an important one even when it comes to making better business decisions.

Digital marketing is an analytical domain, so you get all the answers in facts and figures that you could trust. As a result, you make better marketing decisions and keep improving.


Client or customer retention

Digital marketing helps retain clients and customers more effectively.

When your customers are connected with you on social media or subscribed to your newsletter, you will continuously grab their attention and maintain your brand loyalty. Ultimately, it will lead to better client retention rates.

It is a vast advantage but not so many people talk about it. An existing customer is ten times more profitable than a new customer.,


Digital Marketing saves businesses their advertising cost

Digital Marketing is a cost-effective way of marketing. When you work with an excellent digital marketing agency like us, we get you the best results in the least marketing spend.


Final Words

No matter how big or small your business is, digital marketing is a boon for everyone. The role of digital marketing in your business growth could be critical.

Digital marketing is cheaper than offline marketing, it is more effective, and the most important of all- your customers are online. Ignoring online marketing will lead to your competitors getting an unfair competitive advantage over you.

There are several types of online marketing strategies you could start applying now.

For local businesses, social media and local SEO is a great way to get started.

This guide on getting more followers on Instagram will help you get started. - Instagram Growth Secrets.

Digital marketing is vital for business success. If you need any help regarding your digital marketing strategy, you can reach out to us anytime.

Thanks for reading.

top digital marketing interview questions 2021

Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions To Win Your Next Job Interview in 2021

Why the top 15 digital marketing interview questions? The digital marketing industry is growing in size each day. At present, over $350 billion are spent each year on digital marketing, and this figure is destined to grow in the coming years.

As companies are continuously increasing their spendings on digital marketing, the need for proficient digital marketers to manage these spendings is also increasing. As a result, job opportunities in the digital marketing industry are increasing.

People are constantly learning digital marketing in the hope to get a job. And if you are also thinking to get a job as a digital marketer then congratulations on your nice decision.

When you work as a digital marketer in agencies and companies, you get to know so much about the marketing world. But as the number of digital marketing job opportunities are increasing, competition for the jobs is also increasing.

Going for a digital marketing interview unprepared is foolish. No matter how much you know about digital marketing, refreshing your knowledge and revising always helps. So here are the top 15 digital marketing interview questions that will help you ace your next job interview in 2021.


Top 15 Digital Marketing Interview Question 2021


1. Explain what digital marketing is?

Digital marketing is about using online platforms for marketing. It is a highly effective marketing tactic that makes use of the fact that billions of people use the Internet. Simply put, digital marketing is about utilizing digital platforms for marketing.


2. How many types of digital marketing strategies do you know about?

Tons of digital marketing tactics could help in increasing brand awareness and attract leads and sales. Some of the major digital marketing tactics are-Search


3. Tell us a little about PPC advertising?

PPC stands for pay per click advertising. In this, we place our ads on certain advertising platforms like Facebook and Google and each time someone clicks on our ad, the advertising platforms charge a certain fee for it. This cost that the advertising platform charges for each click on the ad is what we call CPC.

4. What is CPC and is it a constant?

CPC stands for cost per click. It is the cost that advertising platforms like Google and Facebook charge from publishers for providing clicks on their ads. It is not a constant and average CPC differs widely from industry to industry. CPC also depends on your bidding strategy and competition.


5. Explain search engine marketing?

Search engine marketing is a form of pay per click advertising where the advertising platform is a search engine. Search engine marketing is a highly effective online marketing tactic as it is highly targetted.

Using search engine marketing, one can easily rank for their desired keywords on search engines. All you have to do is set up ads for certain keywords on search engines. Each time someone searches for your targetted or related keywords on search engines, your ad is shown on the top as a result of the search query. And whenever someone clicks on your promoted search result, you are charged a cost called cost per click.


6. What makes you feel interested in digital marketing?

Digital marketing has evolved rapidly over the years. It is one of the fastest-growing industries. The career options in the digital marketing industry are countless. In this consuming oriented world, marketing is vital for business growth and digital marketing is the new age marketing.


7. What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of optimizing websites or web presence in general to rank high for specific search queries. Ranking high on search engines for specific search queries helps drive targetted traffic on websites that are easy to convert. In order to use SEO, one needs to know the factors that lead to higher search engine rankings.


8. Why People use SEO?

SEO enables webmasters to drive highly targetted traffic to their websites which then can later be converted into leads and customers using effective funnels. SEO is a long term marketing strategy when implemented correctly can provide stable growth to business online. Moreover, SEO is totally free to implement. But one needs to know about SEO to implement it, therefore businesses often hire SEO experts to do SEO on their behalf.


9. When SEM is preferred over SEO?

SEO is a long term strategy for ranking high on search engine results page but when results are demanded in a short period, SEM is more preferred. SEM enables people to rank their websites for their desired search queries by paying a fee to search engines. It is the fastest way to rank on search engines and drive targetted traffic to the site but it is expensive when compared to SEO.

10. What are keywords and why you should care about them?

Keywords in digital marketing are the search terms that people search on search engines. Keywords are very important when it comes to SEO and SEM. In both of these tactics, keyword optimization helps improve the efficiency of the campaign.
In SEO, keywords guide search engines in understanding the theme and topic of the page or content.
When it comes to SEM, keywords define when your promoted search result or ad will be shown to the users.


11. Have you ever heard of the search console, if yes what it is?

Search console is a web tool by Google for webmasters to manage the indexing of their site on Google, track their keyword rankings, traffic sources, and do much more related to SEO and website optimization.


12. For what do you use search console the most?

The search console is useful for tracking the traffic coming to the site and check the ranking keywords. Other things it is used for are-

  • Checking and managing indexed pages
  • For checking crawl issues
  • Checking the performance of the website
  • Removing webpages from Google search engine and requesting indexing of certain webpages


13. Why do you think online marketing is better than offline marketing?

The reach of offline marketing is limited but online marketing enables companies and individuals to reach millions of potential customers from throughout the world. Offline marketing can be very expensive when one wishes to advertise in larger areas like the country or the entire world. On the other hand, online marketing is not very expensive. Online marketing, when implemented the right way, can provide a constant supply of leads and customers to businesses.


14. Tell us about Google Ads?

Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords is an online platform for people who wish to advertise on Google search engine or its advertising network.
It helps publishers set up their PPC campaigns on the Google search engine and its advertising network. After setting up ads, you can also manage your ads, track performance, and implement changes to your ads.


15. Explain the best PPC advertising practices?

Some of our recommended PPC advertising practices for newbie digital marketers are-

Start with manual CPC enhanced: When starting with a new campaign and in budget restrictions, it is good to use manual CPC enhanced as your bidding strategy. And then move to other strategies later on once you have conversion data.

Use Ad groups: Create different ad groups for different landing pages. Group together keywords by theme. This will help you improve your campaign's performance, increase CTR, and reduce CPC.

Avoid Broad match keywords: Try using phrase match keywords, broad match modifier keywords, and exact match keywords when you are just starting out with a campaign.

Including more relevant keywords: To make sure your ad has a good reach, consider adding more keywords.


Digital marketing interview questions- Final Words

These were the top 15 Digital marketing Interview questions to ace your next digital marketing job interview in 2021. Reading them once will help you feel confident about your basics and sit tall against the interviewer.

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Thanks for reading and hope it helps.

5 point checklist before you execute a digital marketing campaign

5 Point Checklist Before You Execute A Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing has proved to be so much profitable for businesses that every new business wants to get started with digital marketing as soon as possible.

Digital marketing is not any rocket science but for sure it is a technical and analytical domain. Expert digital marketers rely a lot on data and science and they do a lot of work before launching any digital marketing campaign.

On the contrary, amateur marketers don't feel like researching or analyzing things before starting. As a digital marketer, you should never launch any campaign without prior proper analysis.

When you execute your digital marketing campaign without any research, most likely your campaign is gonna be unsuccessful and it will only waste your time and money.

Don't want this to happen with you? Great, read this quick guide on things to check before launching any digital marketing campaign.

1. Know Your Audience

A lot of newbie marketers make this mistake, they start running their ads and writing their blogs without even knowing who they want to market to.

Audience or customer research is so much important in digital marketing that you cannot ignore it.

Knowing just the average CPC and the client budget is not enough to run a successful campaign. Target audience research tells you about the size of the market and its marketing cost.

You should know about your target audience profoundly. This will not only help you in setting up highly targetted ads and increasing CTR but also enable you to recognize pain points and triggers of the prospects.

There is so much valuable information that you can get from target audience research. skipping it is a mistake. So next time you think about launching a digital marketing campaign, start with the question- who you want to target with your digital marketing strategy?

2. Define Goals

There should be a motive behind everything you do, especially in digital marketing. Running a Facebook advertisement just for the sake of advertising is childish.

Get to know business goals before you start marketing a business. What the business wants to achieve with digital marketing? Finding an answer to this question is going to lay the foundation of your entire digital marketing strategy.

For example, a local garment store does not want more calls to their business but rather want more visits to their store. So running an ad that encourages the audience to call would not be the best choice, rather providing directions or addresses of the store will be the perfect strategy.

Think about the goals and then only you can think about achieving them. When you will analyze business goals, you will be able to create funnels that convert. Some businesses don't have an organic demand but funnels can help create that demand. And goal estimation plays an important role in the process of funnel creation.

3. Craft a Strategy

Failing to plan is planning to fail. If you wish to be counted among expert marketers, not amateur ones, start creating strategies to reach your goals.

At DoneDigital, whenever we launch a complete digital marketing campaign, we build a strategy for it. Generally, we work on the AECC framework. AECC stands for Aware, Evoke, Convert, and Connect.

You should also consider crafting a strategy before you begin. The strategy should have answers to some questions like-

Which advertising platform is the most profitable or which one should be used the most?
How will the viewer or reader convert into a customer or how to build an effective funnel?
How the performance of the campaign will be measured or how will you know when to implement changes or improve? What benchmarks are going to be used? etc.

4. Know the budget

This is important if you work on client businesses. Knowing your client's marketing budget will help you build your strategy based on that. Certain marketing channels are expensive and some are cheaper to market on but are less effective.

You need to know the marketing budget of your client so that you can allocate the spending and resources among different advertising platforms and strategies.

This is not any pro tip but being clear about things is important.

5. Setup Analytics and Benchmarks

Do you know how the top marketers became the top marketers? I know it and I have heard it so many times from top digital marketers. Their formula is-analyze and improve. Until you will not analyze, you will never feel the need for improvement. And ultimately, you will never improve.

When running digital marketing campaigns, you should use a system to measure your performance. Taking all sorts of metrics like CTR, CPC, bounce rate, etc into consideration always helps.

You should also set some benchmarks that you wish to achieve and then regularly compare your current performance with those benchmarks.


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So these were 5 things to check before you execute any digital marketing campaign. The one I would like to mention again is number 5- Keep an eye on your analytics so that you can improve.

At DoneDigital, we believe in data-driven online marketing and therefore we advise other marketers to build their strategies on data. Thanks for reading and hope it helps.