5 Point Checklist Before You Execute A Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing has proved to be so much profitable for businesses that every new business wants to get started with digital marketing as soon as possible.

Digital marketing is not any rocket science but for sure it is a technical and analytical domain. Expert digital marketers rely a lot on data and science and they do a lot of work before launching any digital marketing campaign.

On the contrary, amateur marketers don’t feel like researching or analyzing things before starting. As a digital marketer, you should never launch any campaign without prior proper analysis.

When you execute your digital marketing campaign without any research, most likely your campaign is gonna be unsuccessful and it will only waste your time and money.

Don’t want this to happen with you? Great, read this quick guide on things to check before launching any digital marketing campaign.

1. Know Your Audience

A lot of newbie marketers make this mistake, they start running their ads and writing their blogs without even knowing who they want to market to.

Audience or customer research is so much important in digital marketing that you cannot ignore it.

Knowing just the average CPC and the client budget is not enough to run a successful campaign. Target audience research tells you about the size of the market and its marketing cost.

You should know about your target audience profoundly. This will not only help you in setting up highly targetted ads and increasing CTR but also enable you to recognize pain points and triggers of the prospects.

There is so much valuable information that you can get from target audience research. skipping it is a mistake. So next time you think about launching a digital marketing campaign, start with the question- who you want to target with your digital marketing strategy?

2. Define Goals

There should be a motive behind everything you do, especially in digital marketing. Running a Facebook advertisement just for the sake of advertising is childish.

Get to know business goals before you start marketing a business. What the business wants to achieve with digital marketing? Finding an answer to this question is going to lay the foundation of your entire digital marketing strategy.

For example, a local garment store does not want more calls to their business but rather want more visits to their store. So running an ad that encourages the audience to call would not be the best choice, rather providing directions or addresses of the store will be the perfect strategy.

Think about the goals and then only you can think about achieving them. When you will analyze business goals, you will be able to create funnels that convert. Some businesses don’t have an organic demand but funnels can help create that demand. And goal estimation plays an important role in the process of funnel creation.

3. Craft a Strategy

Failing to plan is planning to fail. If you wish to be counted among expert marketers, not amateur ones, start creating strategies to reach your goals.

At DoneDigital, whenever we launch a complete digital marketing campaign, we build a strategy for it. Generally, we work on the AECC framework. AECC stands for Aware, Evoke, Convert, and Connect.

You should also consider crafting a strategy before you begin. The strategy should have answers to some questions like-

Which advertising platform is the most profitable or which one should be used the most?
How will the viewer or reader convert into a customer or how to build an effective funnel?
How the performance of the campaign will be measured or how will you know when to implement changes or improve? What benchmarks are going to be used? etc.

4. Know the budget

This is important if you work on client businesses. Knowing your client’s marketing budget will help you build your strategy based on that. Certain marketing channels are expensive and some are cheaper to market on but are less effective.

You need to know the marketing budget of your client so that you can allocate the spending and resources among different advertising platforms and strategies.

This is not any pro tip but being clear about things is important.

5. Setup Analytics and Benchmarks

Do you know how the top marketers became the top marketers? I know it and I have heard it so many times from top digital marketers. Their formula is-analyze and improve. Until you will not analyze, you will never feel the need for improvement. And ultimately, you will never improve.

When running digital marketing campaigns, you should use a system to measure your performance. Taking all sorts of metrics like CTR, CPC, bounce rate, etc into consideration always helps.

You should also set some benchmarks that you wish to achieve and then regularly compare your current performance with those benchmarks.


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So these were 5 things to check before you execute any digital marketing campaign. The one I would like to mention again is number 5- Keep an eye on your analytics so that you can improve.

At DoneDigital, we believe in data-driven online marketing and therefore we advise other marketers to build their strategies on data. Thanks for reading and hope it helps.