7 Business Lessons For The Entrepreneur In You!

Starting up a business is not an easy task, and we all know it. Coming up with new ideas is easy but turning the ideas into reality, formulating a plan, and executing things in the right way is where most people fail. Get some business lessons for entrepreneurs to make sure you don’t join the list of failed businesses.

7 business lessons for entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs make a big mistake of not planning things, which then turns out to be a roadblock in their success. Others don’t pay attention to the capital requirements of the venture, and therefore they have to stop halfway as a consequence of going broke.

Even though you plan things smartly and you think you have the capital required to keep pushing, still there is always a risk of failure associated with entrepreneurship. For example, everything was going normal for businesses across the globe, and then suddenly, without any notice, this Corona pandemic came.

And you know the aftermath, tons of businesses have shut down, and millions of people lost their jobs. The bottom line is that if you are curious about starting up your own business or working on a new project, you should be wary about the risks associated with it.

Only 30% of businesses that start can sustain for more than ten years. Over 50% of the companies fail either in the first years of creating or go bankrupt within the next four years. Well, the motive of this article on business lessons for entrepreneurs is not to discourage but to inspire you. Here is some great business advice for you.


Have Patience

Seasoned entrepreneurs already know the importance of having patience in business. This business lessons for entrepreneurs is for the newbies. Having patience is the key to a successful business. There will be some months when you will get nearly no sales and right on the next month that follows, and you might get tons of sales. Leads take time in nurturing; trust takes time in the building; businesses take time to be successful. Have patience; patience is the key.

If you think there is a real demand for your product and you are marketing it well, have no worries then, sooner or later people will come to you to become your clients and customers. Serve your existing clients or customers well, earn their trust, learn the way of selling and business success will knock on your doors soon.


Build your brand with branding and marketing

Yes, we run a digital marketing agency, and we help businesses with their branding and marketing efforts, but I am not writing this for the sake of selling you our services.

Branding has become a necessity in today’s world. Everyone wants to become an entrepreneur, and everyone looks at the 9-5 job as some bad experience to have(though it’s a rubbish narrative, having a 9-5 job comes with its perks and securities and you can’t deny it).

If you want your company to stand out in the competition, you need to ensure it looks unique. Branding is a way to do so. Marketing is yet another thing to plan. And you know when we say marketing in 2021, it goes without saying we are talking about digital marketing. Conventional marketing is almost dead, and everyone knows the power of Internet marketing.

Get your business online, build your brand online with social media and other digital marketing platforms, and scale it. No matter how good your product is, it will never sell if people don’t know about it, so never ignore marketing.

Invest in a team

It is the type of business lessons for entrepreneurs that people often encounter. And indeed, it is of great value. No matter how intelligent are you, or how much learned you think you have become over time, do you think you will be able to compete with companies that have hundreds of people on their team? Will you be able to do everything alone? I don’t think so and nor should you.

Start creating a team from day 1. You don’t need a couple of hundreds of people most probably to start; all you need is a bunch of passionate, honest, and skilled people. Get them on your team and see your business growing.


Don’t work with the wrong people.

You won’t find this advice getting distributed often. But it should be. When most entrepreneurs start, they are hungry for clients and customers, and eventually, they end up working with clients that either misuse them or are not good enough for the company.

Some clients pay low, and some don’t respect your work. Such clients will put unexceptional demands and ask you to meet them. And if you can’t do so, they will damage your brand reputation.

It would be best if you were careful before you choose to work with someone. It’s your business; you have all the right to decide with whom you should be working. Don’t end up getting trapped in long contracts that you can’t fulfill. Don’t show dreams to clients that can’t turn into reality. Be honest with the clients and yourself. Work with fewer but quality people.

This advice was more for B2b businesses; however, it might also apply to B2C in some cases. Does not matter if you are a B2B business or B2C, this business lesson for entrepreneurs is important.

Manage skillfully

Managing is not only what managers do. CEOs should also know the art of management. Whether it’s managing your team, the clients, or the work environment, you should be adept at keeping things work smoothly.

Keep good communication with your team and lead them (don’t dominate them). Motivate the team to contribute to business growth by asking to share their ideas and strategy. Your employees are your assets, keep them happy.


Not everything is going to work. Don’t lose hope.

The one client that you hoped to serve longer may break the contract just within a span of weeks. The strategies that you planned may turn out to be useless when implemented. Never demotivate or degrade yourself, it’s not you, it’s how it works. None is perfect.

The one business investment that you made might get your money wasted. Failure will be there to hinder your progress at every step. As a business owner, you should learn to cop-up with them and keep moving forward. Never stress about something that can’t be changed or has already happened.


Learn, Analyze and Improve

Never stop learning; we are living in a world that is changing at a fast pace. You might know your industry well but always keep yourself updated on the latest news and technologies shaping your industry.

Analyze things practically and put your emotions aside. Sometimes you might feel like- why this plan is not working, it’s my beautiful brain’s creation, but you need to stop and be practical. If it’s not working, then don’t try hard to make it work. Leave it and formulate better plans and systems. Always and analyze and improve, use data for analysis and group intelligence for improvement.


Business lessons for entrepreneurs- Final words

Starting up and running a successful business is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s a journey full of huddles; there will be pleasant and enjoyable moments too, have patience. We wish you all the luck with your business. And please don’t forget the power of branding and marketing. If you need any help with it, we at DoneDigital are always there to assist you.

Thanks for reading.