How Our Facebook Ads Strategy Helped A Government University Get More Admissions – Case Study

About The Client- CIPET IPT, Jaipur

CIPET (Central Institute of Petrochemicals Engineering and Technology ) is a premier government institute. Established in 1968 by the Government of India and UNDP (united nations development program) at Chennai, the Institute aims to provide quality higher education in polymer sciences and technology.

With time, CIPET opened its sub institutions across the country for providing UG, PG, and Diploma programs in specific fields of study. CIPET CSTS and CIPET IPT are two organizations operating under the hood of CIPET.

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CIPET IPT(Institute of plastic technology) has eight branches across India in cities like Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, etc.

CIPET IPT Jaipur is a technical institute located in the vibrant city of Jaipur. The Institute offers courses like B-tech in Plastic technology and B-tech in mechanical engineering. The Institute is affiliated with Rajasthan technical university.


The Challenge

Colleges and universities affiliated with Rajsthan technical university often face problems in filling up available seats. Every year many colleges under RTU struggles to get admissions. In 2018, colleges under RTU were able to fill only 32% of the seats available (source:

This year was no different, CIPET IPT was facing problems in filling up the available seats, and the pandemic came up to put more hurdles in the path. The Institute reached out to us for help with only two weeks remaining from the last application filling date. Another barrier was the budget available for marketing.

We being the most renowned digital marketing agency in Jaipur took the responsibility to help this prestigious government institute get more admissions in just two weeks. With only two weeks in hand, we started the campaign and delivered reliable results to the institution.


Our Approach

After going through the university details and student personas, we got the information that students from certain states like UP and Bihar are most likely to take admission to the university.

We figured out Facebook ads to be the ideal platform to market the courses offered by CIPET IPT Jaipur. We believe testing is essential in Facebook ads, whether about testing different campaign objectives, targetting, copy, visuals, or anything else. Despite being aware that Facebook ads remain in the learning mode for the first few days of running the ads, we never doubted our expertise.

But we had very little time to do all the testing and optimizations. The ad that seems to be the most underperforming on the first day could be doing the best performer on the 4th day. We decided to launch five campaigns and test them against each other.

We planned to spot two of the best performing campaigns and increase its budget without making four different campaigns.
After playing with data for hours and extracting useful information about the industry’s best performing ads, we finally launched the campaigns. With powerful ad sets targetting and appealing ads, all 5 of our campaigns were able to beat industry averages in every aspect.

The result

DoneDigital was able to deliver solid results to CIPET IPT Jaipur with Facebook ads. Over 35 student leads and student application forms were given to the Institute, we did reasonably well when comparing our performance to industry averages (also considering the budget which was just 10k).

The application forms were actual long forms filled by students keen on taking admission into the Institute. With ads leading to some brand awareness and students applying after checking more information about the Institute, the number is likely to be more.  We spend a total amount of 7293 Rs in 14 days.

We managed to achieve the highest CTR of 1.49%, where the industry average CTR is just 0.73%. Not only one, but all of the campaigns were also able to beat industry averages. Our Average CTR was 0.88%.

CTR CIPET case study fb ads

We were spending as little as 1.82 Rs per link click or action on the CPC aspect, where the average advertisers in the education niche pay 2-4 Rs per click or action. The average cost per result is 60 Rs, whereas our average cost per result was 22 Rs.

The ROI could be calculated taking into consideration that each student is valued to be worth at least 200,000 INR and only 280 INR was spent on acquiring one student.

We are happy to help a prestigious government institute get more admissions in these hard pandemic times. Everything we do, we do it with a plan backed by data; this is why we never fail to deliver digital marketing results.  Interested in working with us? Contact us today!