Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions To Win Your Next Job Interview in 2021

Why the top 15 digital marketing interview questions? The digital marketing industry is growing in size each day. At present, over $350 billion are spent each year on digital marketing, and this figure is destined to grow in the coming years.

As companies are continuously increasing their spendings on digital marketing, the need for proficient digital marketers to manage these spendings is also increasing. As a result, job opportunities in the digital marketing industry are increasing.

People are constantly learning digital marketing in the hope to get a job. And if you are also thinking to get a job as a digital marketer then congratulations on your nice decision.

When you work as a digital marketer in agencies and companies, you get to know so much about the marketing world. But as the number of digital marketing job opportunities are increasing, competition for the jobs is also increasing.

Going for a digital marketing interview unprepared is foolish. No matter how much you know about digital marketing, refreshing your knowledge and revising always helps. So here are the top 15 digital marketing interview questions that will help you ace your next job interview in 2021.


Top 15 Digital Marketing Interview Question 2021


1. Explain what digital marketing is?

Digital marketing is about using online platforms for marketing. It is a highly effective marketing tactic that makes use of the fact that billions of people use the Internet. Simply put, digital marketing is about utilizing digital platforms for marketing.


2. How many types of digital marketing strategies do you know about?

Tons of digital marketing tactics could help in increasing brand awareness and attract leads and sales. Some of the major digital marketing tactics are-Search


3. Tell us a little about PPC advertising?

PPC stands for pay per click advertising. In this, we place our ads on certain advertising platforms like Facebook and Google and each time someone clicks on our ad, the advertising platforms charge a certain fee for it. This cost that the advertising platform charges for each click on the ad is what we call CPC.

4. What is CPC and is it a constant?

CPC stands for cost per click. It is the cost that advertising platforms like Google and Facebook charge from publishers for providing clicks on their ads. It is not a constant and average CPC differs widely from industry to industry. CPC also depends on your bidding strategy and competition.


5. Explain search engine marketing?

Search engine marketing is a form of pay per click advertising where the advertising platform is a search engine. Search engine marketing is a highly effective online marketing tactic as it is highly targetted.

Using search engine marketing, one can easily rank for their desired keywords on search engines. All you have to do is set up ads for certain keywords on search engines. Each time someone searches for your targetted or related keywords on search engines, your ad is shown on the top as a result of the search query. And whenever someone clicks on your promoted search result, you are charged a cost called cost per click.


6. What makes you feel interested in digital marketing?

Digital marketing has evolved rapidly over the years. It is one of the fastest-growing industries. The career options in the digital marketing industry are countless. In this consuming oriented world, marketing is vital for business growth and digital marketing is the new age marketing.


7. What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of optimizing websites or web presence in general to rank high for specific search queries. Ranking high on search engines for specific search queries helps drive targetted traffic on websites that are easy to convert. In order to use SEO, one needs to know the factors that lead to higher search engine rankings.


8. Why People use SEO?

SEO enables webmasters to drive highly targetted traffic to their websites which then can later be converted into leads and customers using effective funnels. SEO is a long term marketing strategy when implemented correctly can provide stable growth to business online. Moreover, SEO is totally free to implement. But one needs to know about SEO to implement it, therefore businesses often hire SEO experts to do SEO on their behalf.


9. When SEM is preferred over SEO?

SEO is a long term strategy for ranking high on search engine results page but when results are demanded in a short period, SEM is more preferred. SEM enables people to rank their websites for their desired search queries by paying a fee to search engines. It is the fastest way to rank on search engines and drive targetted traffic to the site but it is expensive when compared to SEO.

10. What are keywords and why you should care about them?

Keywords in digital marketing are the search terms that people search on search engines. Keywords are very important when it comes to SEO and SEM. In both of these tactics, keyword optimization helps improve the efficiency of the campaign.
In SEO, keywords guide search engines in understanding the theme and topic of the page or content.
When it comes to SEM, keywords define when your promoted search result or ad will be shown to the users.


11. Have you ever heard of the search console, if yes what it is?

Search console is a web tool by Google for webmasters to manage the indexing of their site on Google, track their keyword rankings, traffic sources, and do much more related to SEO and website optimization.


12. For what do you use search console the most?

The search console is useful for tracking the traffic coming to the site and check the ranking keywords. Other things it is used for are-

  • Checking and managing indexed pages
  • For checking crawl issues
  • Checking the performance of the website
  • Removing webpages from Google search engine and requesting indexing of certain webpages


13. Why do you think online marketing is better than offline marketing?

The reach of offline marketing is limited but online marketing enables companies and individuals to reach millions of potential customers from throughout the world. Offline marketing can be very expensive when one wishes to advertise in larger areas like the country or the entire world. On the other hand, online marketing is not very expensive. Online marketing, when implemented the right way, can provide a constant supply of leads and customers to businesses.


14. Tell us about Google Ads?

Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords is an online platform for people who wish to advertise on Google search engine or its advertising network.
It helps publishers set up their PPC campaigns on the Google search engine and its advertising network. After setting up ads, you can also manage your ads, track performance, and implement changes to your ads.


15. Explain the best PPC advertising practices?

Some of our recommended PPC advertising practices for newbie digital marketers are-

Start with manual CPC enhanced: When starting with a new campaign and in budget restrictions, it is good to use manual CPC enhanced as your bidding strategy. And then move to other strategies later on once you have conversion data.

Use Ad groups: Create different ad groups for different landing pages. Group together keywords by theme. This will help you improve your campaign’s performance, increase CTR, and reduce CPC.

Avoid Broad match keywords: Try using phrase match keywords, broad match modifier keywords, and exact match keywords when you are just starting out with a campaign.

Including more relevant keywords: To make sure your ad has a good reach, consider adding more keywords.


Digital marketing interview questions- Final Words

These were the top 15 Digital marketing Interview questions to ace your next digital marketing job interview in 2021. Reading them once will help you feel confident about your basics and sit tall against the interviewer.

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Thanks for reading and hope it helps.