What is Pay Per Click Advertising- An introduction

PPC or pay per click advertising is a popular online marketing tactic that marketers love.
As the name suggests, when you advertise using PPC, you need to pay the advertiser an amount for each click. And that’s what people call cost per click aka CPC.
There are various sorts of online marketing strategies like marketing using social media, using emails, SEO, and PPC.

What is PPC?

PPC is simply a form of online marketing, SEO is another. Though there is nothing complex about comprehending these effective online marketing strategies, still, a lot of people confuses between PPC and SEO. So let me clear the fuss.
SEO stands for search engine optimization, it is free to implement a marketing strategy where you optimize your website to make it show high in search engine results page for specific keywords.
Let’s take an easy example, suppose you sell home decor items at your physical store in your city and you want more sales. A friend of yours told you about SEO and you got curious.
What you did was built a site and started implementing SEO on it. You found that a lot of people search for this key phrase on Google- “home decor online”. You start by targeting “buy home decor online” in your SEO strategy. And boom, within 6-8 months, your site was ranking for this “buy home decor online” keyword.
Whenever anyone was searching on Google- “buy home decor online”, your site was showing up at the top.
Ultimately, most of the people that searched for that keyword were visiting your site and many of them were buying from you. This is how SEO helps, not only in the home decor industry but in any niche.

The Need For PPC?

In our example and also in reality, though SEO is cheap but it takes time. But what if you want Google to send traffic on your site but you don’t want to wait for months for your rankings to improve? And on top of that, somebody just told you that- ” SEO is super complex, don’t work on it”. In reality, SEO is not super complex but for sure it’s time-consuming. And people don’t have the same.
Is there any option? Could you still use internet marketing to get more sales?
The solution is PPC aka pay per click advertising.

How does it work?

It’s super easy, you post ads on online platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram and you are charged a fee every time someone clicks on it.
Simply speaking, the advertising platform is charging you a fee for sending traffic on your site. The fees you pay to the advertising platform depends on how many clicks your ad gets. It’s a fair deal, you are not paying for mere impressions of the ad but user actions on the ad.
You can create ads in a way to redirect users to your target location on clicking. Clicks on your ad could lead to a landing page on your website, directions to your physical store, or a call to your business.

What is the available online platform that advertises based on the PPC model?

There are many, but the most popular is Google search engine, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Out of them, the most profitable for businesses is arguably Google or Google ads. But why? Simply because it’s the most targeted. Only the people interested in your goods or service gets to see your ad, therefore no wasted exposure or time-wasting. Google ads deliver real results without taking too much time.

Why Businesses should use PPC advertising?

There are countless benefits of using pay per click advertising over offline marketing. I am listing a few down for you-
1. Businesses can promote their goods or services among people who actually interested in them. In short, PPC ads are highly targeted.
2. It’s cost-effective: contrary to popular belief, Google ads are not expensive. When you work with good goods ads management companies like us, you can manage to get a smart return over your ad spend aka (ROAS).
3. You can stop or start advertising at any time. Many people don’t think of it as a benefit but I do. Having the liberty to spend your money as per your choice is an advantage that offline marketing similarly doesn’t provide.

Brief Process to run a PPC campaign

The fact that PPC is profitable makes it competitive too. All the smart businesses that acknowledge the power of online marketing, use PPC. And that makes pay per click advertising campaign tricky to be successful.
Talking about search engine marketing aka pay per click advertising on search engines, it is quite difficult for an amateur to set it up and execute successful search engine marketing campaigns. Probably the reason why digital marketing experts exist.
So the point is there is a lot that goes into a successful PPC campaign, but a broad brief process is-
1.  Determining a PPC channel: It’s crucial to be clear what online platform is best for advertising your business. Most of the time, google ads are ideal for almost everything.
But in case, you sell something that search engine users don’t search for, going with Facebook, Instagram or other platforms could be a wise decision.
In general, running PPC campaigns on all of the major advertising platforms is what most people do.
2. Estimate monthly budget: There is a limit to the amount of clicks advertising platforms can provide you on your ad, and for most people, there is a limit to how much they can spend on marketing.
3. Choose to target: Do you sell female clothing? Why would you want a man to see your ad? Do you sell toys? Why would you want aged people to see your ad? Do you operate only within your city? Why show your ad to the people in the city miles away from you? This is what ad targeting does, it helps you define your ideal customers.
4. Create ads and kick-start online marketing: Once you are done with choosing, you should create your ad, your ad can be in a video format or a text format. Decide and launch.
7. Track results and optimize: This is the tricky part. Your ad is most likely to be outperformed by the competition’s ads, especially in Google ads. The solution is tracking and optimizing your ad so that it performs better than the competition.

Bottom Line

In PPC advertising, you pay the advertiser a fee for each click they get on your ad. Search engine marketing is using pay per click advertising on the search engines.
There is a lot that goes into successful search engine marketing campaigns. Luckily, we have a team of expert digital marketers to execute and manage your PPC advertising campaigns.
PPC along with social media and SEO forms an effective digital marketing strategy.
Thanks for reading and hope it helps.