What Are Three Key Considerations When Evaluating Keywords for Search Engine Optimization?

No matter what people tell you, Keyword research is still relevant in 2021. The importance of keyword optimization has decreased over the years but avoiding a well-planned keyword strategy can be a fatal mistake. Today we are going to tackle a question- What Are Three Key Considerations When Evaluating Keywords for Search Engine Optimization?

Evaluating keywords and optimizing your content for those keywords are two different things.

Old school SEO tactics like using exact match keywords, high keyword density, and keywords in meta title and description are not very important these days. But they still tell Google that you wish to rank for those keywords. So use them wisely.

If you are not using use exact match keywords in your content then you should consider using LSI Keywords or other related keywords.

Evaluating keywords you want to rank for should be your first step towards search engine optimization.

I got a similar question for today-

What are the three key considerations when evaluating keywords for search engine optimization?

So here is the answer-

Check Keyword Search Volume

This is super important. Not just from the SEO point of view but in general. Creating quality content that solves real-world problems is not easy. We have to spend hours researching and writing to create such content.

But what if the content you create does not get read by anyone? What if no-one is looking for the content you created?

Until unless you already have a readership on your blog, you should avoid writing content that has no real demand.

How to confirm that the content you are creating has real demand? Keyword research is the answer. Make a list of keywords that define your content and do keyword research for each one of them.

Check keyword search volume. It is a useful metric that tells us about how many times in a month a keyword gets searched on search engines.

If the keywords that define your content are not getting searched, you are wasting your time and energy in creating content for none. Keyword search volume could help you decide if there is any actual demand for the content you seek to create.


Check Keyword Competition

Yet again an important metric to pay attention to. Keyword competitiveness or difficulty tells you about how hard it is to rank for a certain keyword in the search engine results page.

As a new website or blog, you should avoid targetting keywords that have a high difficulty or competitiveness level. If you still wish to create content around those competitive keywords, be ready to build more backlinks to that content, and do more optimizations for it.

As a new site, you should try to target keywords that have low competitiveness even if they have low search volume. This will allow your site to rank for those keywords and start getting at least some traffic.

If you will go the other way round, then chances are you will not get any traffic for months or years.


Examine Keyword Relevancy

Make sure the keyword you wish to target defines your page or content. If not, you may not get the results you desire. If you use the wrong keyword, Google may see your page or content as misleading and this could have bad effects on your SEO.

When writing content or creating pages, target only those keywords that define what’s your content is about. For example, if you wrote an article about SEO mistakes, targeting “How to SEO” in that content could be a mistake. So avoid it.

Be honest with your keywords even if they low search volume.


I hope I answered the question.

Thanks for reading and I hope it helps.