SEO Types – An Introduction to Different Types of SEO Out There

SEO or search engine optimization is a subject that fascinates many. With the increasing popularity of digital marketing, more and more people are seeing SEO as a viable and effective marketing strategy for their business. As a result of this inclination towards search engine optimization, people are curious to learn about it. Like you want to learn about SEO types.


A lot of people learn about SEO in order to get a job, others learn to be able to optimize their online presence by themselves and a few learn to expand their general knowledge. Whatever the reason might be, SEO is a very interesting subject that never bores you.

So let’s talk about different SEO types or better said- let’s learn about different approaches to search engine optimization.

But before we begin, let’s make sure we are all on the same page. Here is a quick definition of SEO for some of the newbies.

A Short And Sweet Definition of SEO

SEO is an online marketing tactic in which you optimize your website and its content to make it appear higher in the search engine results page for certain keywords. Its a totally free to implement marketing tactic, unlike paid ads.

When your website or content ranks high on search engines for relevant and profitable keywords, more people come to your website from search engines i.e you get traffic from search engines.

Google is the largest and most used search engine out there and most SEO’s set their main focus on Google. So I will be using Google as an example to demonstrate the search engine and its working.

How does Google determine Which Site to Rank First for Which Keyword?

Short Answer- Using a very efficient algorithm.

Long Answer- Google has crafted an intelligent algorithm to determine which site’s content is most useful and relevant to the user’s search query.

When someone searches on Google, Google runs its algorithm and finds out what the user is actually looking for, and then it shows the most relevant results on the first page of search results.

To make sure Google finds your site as a relevant and useful result for search queries, you should search engine optimize your site around those search queries.

How to SEO?

SEO is a very broad topic but if I have to answer “how to SEO?” in the shortest manner then I would say-
Make your site and content align with the Google search algorithm. Or simply put, get to know what factors does Google uses to determine which site to rank the highest and follow those factors.

Simple, Ah?

SEO Types- Black hat, White Hat, and Gray Hat

Let’s face it- SEO is a very time consuming and often an uncertain process. Google does not make it public what factors they use to determine search engine rankings.

This makes SEO even tougher. Nobody knows all of the factors that constitute the Google search algorithm, but luckily we know many of them, thanks to general intelligence.

Black Hat SEO

Many people try to fool Google based on their knowledge of these Factors that determine search rankings. This attempt to fool Google and make your site show higher on the Search engine results page is what we call Black Hat SEO.

To be formal- Black Hat SEO is all the strategies and tactics applied to gain better search engine rankings that do not aligns with Google’s fair play policy or rules.

Let’s take an example- Google uses keyword density as one of their factors in determining if a webpage is relevant to a search query. If a user searches for “Marketing”, Google will find all webpages with “marketing” word in them to be relevant to the search query.

Black hat SEOs try to be over-smart, they stuff keywords in webpages in an attempt to fool Google to believe its the most relevant page for that particular keyword.

Does it work? Most of the times, it does not. As the Google search algorithm is getting smarter and smarter, Black hat SEO techniques are losing their popularity.

Added to this, Google has started punishing black hat SEOs. Sites that use black hat often get penalized for doing so.

White Hat SEO

Out of all SEO Types, using white Hat SEO is the safest. It is the way of optimizing your site for better rankings without breaking any of Google’s rules.

If you think keywords matter, use them but don’t stuff. If you think backlinks work, build them but don’t buy it.

Some evergreen white hat SEO techniques are creating content that solves people’s problems, building backlinks in a fair way, and optimizing the user experience of your website.

Grey Hat SEO

Gray lies between black and white. Grey Hat SEO is all the SEO tactics that are not completely bad but are still a little risky to use.

You might or might not get penalized or punished for using them. One should know about Gray Hat SEO as it might be useful to implement it in certain cases. Many gray hat tactics are often considered as White Hat by many marketers and many consider them as black hat.

Anyway, its always best to play safe.

SEO Types – Bottom Line

Gray, White, or Black, all these are only approaches to optimizing your search presence. Some SEO tactics get you fast results but are riskier to implement, others may not ensure fast results but are totally safe to try.

As a search engine professional when working on client sites, one must always use only White Hat SEO. Using gray or black hat SEO can put a client’s search rankings at risk.

We at DoneDigital always use White Hat SEO to make our clients reach more people online.

Thanks for reading this short guide on SEO types and Hope it helps.