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By using and accessing our website (donedigital.in), you agree to our privacy policy.  We here at donedigital try our best to provide accurate information and data to our visitors but discrepancies might occur.


Website Privacy Policy

Automatically Collected Data: Our server does collect some technical information about the user like IP address, browser type, operating system, country, and analytics cookies. All these data that we collect automatically from our visitors are used to enhance the usability of our website and provide our visitors with faster and better web experience. This data also helps us understand our audience and thus, know and respond to their needs.

We don’t sell or risk your data in any way.


User-Provided Data: The data that you provide us by filling our contact form or email list form is only used to communicate with you and get to know your needs. You can always let us know when you don’t want us to communicate with you or keep your contact information safe. Your contact information is kept safe and never passed to other organizations or individuals. Feel safe while surfing our website, we don’t collect any of your sensitive information without your voluntary consent.


Cookie Policy: We sometimes place some cookies in your browser for analytics, none of these cookies are meant for tracking specific people or steal data. All these cookies are safe to have in your browser. Although, you can always delete cookies from your browser or disable them for specific sites.

For EU residents: We follow the latest GDPR compliance. We don’t collect any personal information from any of our website visitors without them voluntarily giving us permission.

We are completely GDPR compliant. 🙂